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Mon, 2-Oct-2000

We got up and had breakfast together, then I worked on setting up Nadine's mum's computer with applications and stuff and making sure everything runs ok.

After lunch we drove Kyrcee to CDC - Child Development Centre, kinda like a kindergarten or playgroup thingy. From there Nadine and I drove out to Ferry Island and went for a nice walk. The weather was beautiful if slightly on the cool side, especially between the trees but quite enjoyable as long as we kept moving. Next time I'll have to bring the camera and take some pictures!

We had originally wanted to do the shopping before picking Kyrs up again but had taken longer than expected on our walk, so we grabbed Kyrcee and took her shopping with us. You'd think she'd be a little worn out from the CDC, but nope, she kept us on our toes in the shops! Little bundle of energy..

For dinner Nadine was making a roast as her parents were coming over. Dinner proceeded very nicely and my mashed potatoes even got a compliment :) See, I can cook ;)

After dinner I was pretty much tired out - the others wanted to watch videos before bed, more power to them. I headed to bed early leaving them to it.

Tue, 3-Oct-2000

We had to get up early today as Nadine has bowling. She does 5-pin bowling every Tuesday and Wednesday morning just down the road in a local competition. I went along to watch and cheer her on and to see how it was different from 10 pin bowling. For one thing the balls are much smaller and don't have finger-holes, and with only 5 pins there's less chance of pins knocking down other pins. So off we went, leaving Kyrcee behind since she wanted to go shopping with her grandparents.

After bowling we got back home and not long after Ruth and Lorne returned with Kyrcee as well so we all sat down to hot-roast sandwiches for lunch. Since Nadine was back at work today Kyrcee was going back to her dad in Kitimat with her grandparents. The rest of the afternoon went by quickly before Nadine had to go to work, and I spent the evening in front of the computer again.

    Wed, 4-Oct-2000

Bowling again this morning, so no sleeping in. After a quick breakfast we headed back down to the bowling alley. Pretty much thes same routine as yesterday, Nadine bowling her 3 games, but today I actually ended up chatting a bit to some of her team-mates. After her games were done, Nadine and I had a quick game - it's _very_ different to 10-pin bowling. I didn't do too badly though, managing a couple of strikes and spares and coming out with a score of 136 which is acceptable for a beginner..

From bowling we went to do some more shopping - I wanted to pick up a spare power cable for Nadine's mum's computer and I wanted some decent bread which I got from the Deli. Then we went home for lunch and a quiet afternoon in front of the telly watching "Pokemon - the First Movie". Pika-pika!

Now Nadine's gone to work again, and I'm sitting here updating my diary, checking email, and various other things. It's good to have regular net-access again!

    Thu, 5-Oct-2000

    Fri, 6-Oct-2000

I woke up feeling somewhat under the weather today, looks like I'm coming down with a bit of a cold...

Nadine's got a dual shift on today, which means that I will be alone for of the day. So I drove her to work so I could have the car. I was going to go shopping and then do some other things, but after wandering through the shopping mall for a while and coming out with some socks, a candle, and some assorted bits and pieces I felt ready to go home. Once there I stuffed around on the computer for a while, trying to get a modem working, until Nadine rang to get picked up from work.

We had dinner - hotdogs - and played cards for a while, but all I really wanted to do was sleep. The couch looked good, especially with "You've got Mail" in the VCR, a movie which I had wanted to watch but had missed in the cinema. It turned out to be pretty good, even though Nadine had to leave partway through for her evening shift.

Feeling a little better, I plonked myself in front of the computer and stuffed around trying to find drivers for a modem. I finally gave up, it's late, I'm not feeling real good, and not in the mood to play with recalcitrant software modems. Good night.

    Sat, 30-Oct-2000

I woke up still feeling totally horrid - why is it I always seem to get a cold when I get here. A well, at least it's not a wasted day - it's cold, raining, and miserable outside. Perfect day to stay in bed and take it easy...

I finally did drag myself out of bed for breakfast (after 1pm) and then we went food shopping. On the way the view onto the mountains was awesome, the hillsides covered in trees turning red and orange and swathed in low clouds.. I can't wait to see this in sunlight so I can take a few pictures.

After shopping we got home in time for Nadine to get ready for work. So I'm on my own again for dinner, ah well. Time to tackle this rotten software modem in Nadine's mum's computer for the last time - if I can't get it going tonight I'm giving up and buying a real modem for her. The money saved getting a software modem is just not worth the hassle!

Well, success, a few more hours of scouring the internet finally got me a driver which supports the modem - I'm typing this on the other computer now, much whee and yayy! Let's see for how long it'll run without hassles.. Anyway, time to get back to important things, playing X! :)

    Sun, 31-Oct-2000

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